Configuring WinWarbler for RTTY Operation

  1. on the Main window,

    1. set the Operating Mode panel to RTTY

  2. on the Configuration window's RTTY tab

    1. check the enabled box

    2. set the Speed to 45.45

    3. set the Shift to 170

    4. set the Default TxPwer to the RF power output (in watts) that you'll be using

    5. check the unshift on space box

    6. uncheck the Reverse panel's transmit and receive boxes

    7. set the Keyboard mode to word

    8. in the Tuning display panel,

      • select waterfall

      • set the waterfall display to mono

      • in the XY display panel,

        • check the enabled box

        • uncheck the reverse rotation box

      • set the frequency trace width to 1

      • set the gain to 2

    9. in the Modulation and transceiver mode panel

      1. if transmitting via [:AFSKFSK:AFSK], then in the AFSK sub-panel

        • select LSB

        • set the Xcvr Mode selector to LSB

        • set the Mark Offset to 0

        • set the Optimal Offset to 2210

      2. if transmitting via [:AFSKFSK:FSK], then in the FSK sub-panel

        • select LSB

        • set the LSB Xcvr Mode selector to RTTY

        • set the LSB Mark Offset to -2125

        • set the Optimal Offset to 2210

        • set the FSK Control as required by the [:FSKConnection:FSK connection]

    10. in the MMTTY Engine window panel, uncheck the enabled box

    11. if you are running on Microsoft Vista or Windows 7, it is important that your soundcard driver's sample rate be an integral multiple of the MMTTY engine's clock rate. The MMTTY engine's default clock rate is 11,025 hz; the default sample rate for most sound card drivers is 48,000 hz, which is not an integral multiple of 11,025 hz. To address this, either use the Windows Control Panel to set the default format for your soundcard to to 44,100 Hz (CD Quality), or click the MMTTY Setup button to make the MMTTY engine's Setup window appear on screen and

      1. select the MMTTY Setup window's Misc tab

      2. in the Clock panel, change the clock selector from 11025 to 12000

      3. click the MMTTY Setup window's OK button


  3. on the Configuration window's Display tab, click the Set Default Colors button

  4. on the Main window,

    1. in the Receive panel,

    2. in the Transmit panel,

      • check the net box

      • uncheck the reverse box

    3. in the Tuning Display panel,

      • set the Vert height to 1.0

      • set the Horiz zoom to 1

Other RTTY options

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