Configuring CW Skimmer to Interoperate With DXLab

CW Skimmer is an application that can simultaneously decode multiple CW transmissions.


"I use the CW Skimmer to feed my SDR-IQ received CW signals in to CW Skimmer which in turn feeds them in to Spotcollector. Spotcollector list the CQ calls I am hearing at my QTH and announces any needed/unconfirmed DXCC entities. .If I click on any needed spots in Spotcollector, my SDR-IQ QSYs to the needed frequency. Fairly standard stuff to those that already know how useful DX Lab applications are. However, there is more. Commander and W3OA's Skimmer to Commander application allow me to have my Kenwood TS-2000 in tandem with the SDR-IQ. When I need to transmit the TS-2000 is on the same frequency as the SDR and I can transmit in an attempt to work the DX. My favourite part of this is that I get to use DX Lab's Winwarbler which keys the CW circuits in my TS-2000 (winkey) and I can use pre-configured "macros" similar to the way we use electronic keyers."


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