Obtaining the AA6YQ-FIR-512 Profile

The AA6YQ-FIR-512 [http://www.dxlabsuite.com/winwarbler/Help/SoundcardRTTYSettings.htm#MMTTY%20Engine%20Configuration Profile] is optimized for weak signal decoding.

If you are using WinWarbler and wish to gain access to this Profile, replace the USERPARA.INI file in your WinWarbler folder with the USERPARA.INI file in WinWarbler's Profiles folder, and then restart WinWarbler.

If you are using MMTTY standalone, or with another application that uses MMTTY as its RTTY engine, you can download a USERPARA.INI file that defines the following eight profiles:

>>>To obtain and use the file,


  1. terminate MMTTY
  2. in the folder that contains your MMTTY.EXE file, rename the existing USERPARA.INI file to USERPARA(original).INI
  3. download [www.dxlabsuite.com/winwarbler/USERPARA.INI] and save it into the folder that contains your MMTTY.EXE file
  4. start MMTTY, open the Profile menu, and verify that the eight profiles listed above are available; then choose the one you wish to use.

>>>If desired, you can revert to your original USERPARA.INI file by doing the following in the folder that contains your MMTTY.EXE file

  1. terminate MMTTY
  2. delete USERPARA.INI
  3. rename USERPARA(original).INI to USERPARA.INI
  4. start MMTTY

If you instead wish to insert the AA6YQ-FIR-512 profile into your existing USERPARA.INI file, you can download it via [www.dxlabsuite.com/winwarbler/AA6YQ-FIR-512.txt] and use a text editor like Notepad to insert it into the USERPARA.INI file in the same folder that your MMTTY.EXE file lives. Standalone MMTTY is limited to 8 profiles, so you may have to remove a profile from your USERPARA.INI to make room for this one; if you have a profile named AA6YQ in your USERPARA.INI file, simply replace it with the AA6YQ-FIR-512 profile. Then restart MMTTY.

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