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== Uploading QSOs to eQSL == === Uploading QSOs to eQSL ===

Uploading QSOs to eQSL

QSOs can be uploaded to eQSL.cc in three different ways:

  1. If you have a fast internet connection that is always connected, DXKeeper can [:AutomaticeQSLUpload:upload each QSO in real time] as you log it via the Capture window

  2. If you prefer to upload QSOs in small batches of up to 300, you can [:UploadeQSLMarked:upload to eQSL.cc via DXKeeper's QSL Queue]

  3. For large batches of QSOs, you should [:ExporteQSLADIF:export an ADIF file for eQSL] and then [:ManuallyUploadToEQSL:manually upload that file to eQSL.cc]

[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dxlab/post Post a question or suggestion on the DXLab reflector]

[:QSLingeQSL:QSLing with eQSL]

[:GettingStarted:Getting Started with DXLab]

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