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=== Renaming myQTH IDs === == Renaming a "my QTH's" ID ==

Renaming a "my QTH's" ID

To rename a my QTH's my QTH ID from A to B,

  1. Backup your log: on the Configuration window, select the Log tab, and click the Backup Folder panel's Backup button

  2. Use the SQL expression MYQTHID = 'A' to filter the Log Page Display to contain all QSOs whose myQTH ID is A

  3. on the Main window's my QTHs tab

    1. define a new my QTH whose my QTH ID is B and whose other items are identical to the existing my QTH

    2. click the Set myQTH ID button (to change the my QTH ID of all QSOs in the Log Page Display to B

  4. delete the my QTH whose my QTH ID is A; on the Main window's my QTHs tab

    1. Use the Find myQTH ID panel's selector to select A

    2. click the Delete button

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