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Removing Duplicate QSOs from a Log

  1. using the DXKeeper's Main window's Export tab, create a standard ADIF file containing all QSOs in your current log (the one containing duplicates)

  2. create a new log (using the Config window's Log tab)

  3. select the Main window's Import tab

  4. check the check duplicates on import box; set the range to +/- 0 minutes so that only exact duplicates are removed (unless you have duplicates whose times don't match, in which case set the range appropriately)

  5. import the ADIF file you created in step 1

DXKeeper is not very efficient at removing duplicates, so step 5 might take awhile if your log contained a lot of QSOs. But its much faster than deleting the duplicates by hand!

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[:GettingStarted:Getting Started with DXLab]

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