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  a. Open PowerSDR-IF's '''Setup''' window and select its '''CAT Control''' tab

     i. check the '''Enable CAT''' box

     i. set the '''Baud''' selector to ''57600''

     i. set the '''Parity''' selector to ''none''

     i. set the '''Stop''' selector to ''1''

     i. set the '''ID as''' selector to ''TS-2000''


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 1. Configure CW Skimmer's '''CAT interface''' for a '''Rig type''' of ''TS-2000'' and a '''Baud rate''' of ''57600''
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 1. Open PowerSDR-IF's '''Setup''' window; on the '''CAT Control''' tab
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    a. enable '''CAT'''
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Enabling Commander to interoperate with the PowerSDR-IF Panadapter and CW Skimmer

de Joe W4TV

This configuration provides simultaneous IF panadapter and [http://www.dxatlas.com/CwSkimmer CW Skimmer] functionality using WU2X's [http://www.wu2x.com/sdr.html PowerSDR-IF Stage panadapter].

  1. connect CW Skimmer's CAT interface to PowerSDR-IF's CAT Control port

    1. establish a [:ConnectedVirtualSerialPortPairs: connected pair of virtual serial ports] using [:SetupConfigureVSPManager: VSP Manager] or [:SetupConfigurecom0com: com0com]; these instructions assume that connected virtual ports m and m+1 are created (e.g. 15 and 16)

    2. select CW Skimmer's Command menu and ensure that there is no check mark to the left of the Blind Mode entry

    3. select CW Skimmer's View menu's Settings item to display the Settings window

    4. on CW Skimmer's Settings window's CAT tab,

      1. select Use Radio 1

      2. click the Configure... button

      3. on the Omni-Rig Settings window's RIG 1 tab

        • set the Rig type selector to TS-2000

        • set the Port selector to m+1

        • set the Baud rate selector to 57600

        • set the Data bits selector to 8

        • set the Parity selector to None

        • set the Stop bits selector to 1

        • set the RTS and DTR selector to Low

        • set the Poll int., ms and Timeout, ms selectors to 100

        • click the OK button to the Omni-Rig Settings window

      4. click the OK button to close the Settings window

    5. Open PowerSDR-IF's Setup window and select its CAT Control tab

      1. check the Enable CAT box

      2. set the Baud selector to 57600

      3. set the Parity selector to none

      4. set the Stop selector to 1

      5. set the ID as selector to TS-2000

  2. Using a second [:ConnectedVirtualSerialPortPairs: Connected Virtual Serial Port Pair], connect PowerSDR-IF's IF Setup port to Commander's Secondary CAT Serial Port.

1. in the Secondary CAT Serial Port panel on the Config window's Ports tab,

  1. set the CAT protocol selector to Elecraft

  2. select Follow & Lead Primary

  3. set the Port# to N, the Baud selector to 9600, the Word selector to 8, the Parity selector to None, and the Stop selector to 1

  4. check the Enable box

Configured in this way, CW Skimmer controls PowerSDR-IF, and PowerSDR-IF controls your Primary Transceiver via Commander.


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