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Configuring WinWarbler for RTTY Operation

  1. on the Configuration window's Soundcard tab, select the Soundcard to be used in the PSK & RTTY Reception panel; if transmitting via AFSK, select the Soundcard to be used in the the Transmission panel's PSK & RTTY sub-panel

  2. on the Main window,

    1. set the Operating Mode panel to RTTY

  3. on the Configuration window's RTTY tab

    1. check the enabled box

    2. set the Speed to 45.45

    3. set the Shift to 170

    4. set the Default TxPwer to the RF power output (in watts) that you'll be using

    5. check the unshift on space box

    6. uncheck the Reverse panel's transmit and receive boxes

    7. set the Keyboard mode to word

    8. in the Tuning display panel,

      • select waterfall

      • set the waterfall display to mono

      • in the XY display panel,

        • check the enabled box

        • uncheck the reverse rotation box

      • set the frequency trace width to 1

      • set the gain to 2

    9. in the Modulation and transceiver mode panel

      1. if transmitting via AFSK, then in the AFSK sub-panel

        • select LSB

        • set the Xcvr Mode selector to LSB

        • set the Mark Offset to 0

        • set the Optimal Offset to 2210

      2. if transmitting via FSK, then in the FSK sub-panel

        • select LSB

        • set the LSB Xcvr Mode selector to RTTY

        • set the LSB Mark Offset to -2125

        • set the Optimal Offset to 2210

        • set the FSK Control as required by the FSK connection

    10. in the MMTTY Engine window panel, uncheck the enabled box

    11. to have the 2Tone demodulator decode RTTY into a Receive pane separate from the Receive pane displaying RTTY decoded by the MMTTY engine,

      1. in the 2Tone panel

        • check the enabled box

        • click the Setup button

      2. in the 2Tone Settings window,

        • in the Receive Settings panel, select the soundcard from which 2Tone should decode RTTY; you can

          • select the same soundcard specified in the PSK & RTTY Reception panel on the Configuration window's Soundcard tab, in which case the 2Tone and MMTTY demodulators will decode the same RTTY signals

          • select a different soundcard, e.g. one whose input is connected to a sub-receiver or second receiver.
        • select the correct soundcard channel (Left or Right)

        • in the Set Mark and Space Tones panel,

          • set the Mark Frequency to 2125

          • set the Space Frequency to 2295

        • set the Display width in Hz to 3000

        • set the Speed panel to 45.45 baud

        • click the OK button

      3. on 2Tone's Main window,
        • use the top button on the left to enable or disable AFC

        • repetitively click the middle on the left to select the desired Decoding Mode:

          • Decoding Mode



            for flat slow fading with mark and space fading at the same time


            for very rapid fading conditions


            for when mark and space fade independently of each


            when the signal's spectrum is spread over a wider bandwidth by the propagation


    • http://www.dxlabsuite.com/Wiki/Graphics/WinWarbler/ConfigRTTY.jpg

  4. if you are running on Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10, your soundcard driver's sample rate should be an integral multiple of the MMTTY engine's clock rate. The MMTTY engine's default clock rate is 11,025 hz; the default sample rate for most sound card drivers is 48,000 hz, which is not an integral multiple of 11,025 hz. To address this, on the Configuration window's RTTY tab, click the MMTTY Setup button to make the MMTTY engine's Setup window appear on screen; on the MMTTY Setup window's Misc tab,

    1. in the Clock panel, change the clock selector from 11025 to 12000

    2. click the MMTTY Setup window's OK button

  5. on the Configuration window's Display tab, click the Set Default Colors button

  6. on the Main window,

    1. in the Receive panel,

      • check the AFC box

      • uncheck the BPF box

      • uncheck the Reverse box

      • set the Squelch Threshold to ~25 by clicking in the Signal Quality display to position the Squelch Bar:

        • http://www.dxlabsuite.com/Wiki/Graphics/WinWarbler/RTTYSignalQuality.jpg

    2. in the Transmit panel,

      • check the net box

      • uncheck the reverse box

    3. in the Tuning Display panel,

      • set the Vert height to 1.0

      • set the Horiz zoom to 1

Other RTTY options

  • Decoding and generating CW, RTTY, and other digital modes by a controlling an external Modem connected to a serial port; supported modems include the KAM 98, MFJ 464, PK232, PK900, and PTC-IIe

Operating in RTTY

Setting up CW, Phone, PSK, and RTTY Operation

Getting Started with CW, Phone, PSK, and RTTY Operation

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