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   * configure SpotCollector to use CW Skimmer as a spot source    * configure !SpotCollector: on the '''Configuration''' window's '''Spot Sources''' tab, choose an available "row" in the '''Telnet DXClusters''' panel
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     1. set the '''Host address''' to ''''
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     1. set the '''Port''' to ''7301''
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Now go to SpotCollector>Config>Spot Sources
in one of the blank Telnet DXClusters positions
check Enable, Auto, Hide
in Host Address enter local ypoxkjlg
in Port enter 7301 (the same as you entered in CWS)
in Caption inter CWS
In Username enter your call
in CMD enter C (C as in connect)
     1. set the '''Caption''' to ''CW Skimmer''
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     1. set the '''Username''' to your callsign
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     1. clear the '''Password'''

     1. set the '''Cmd''' to ''C''

     1. check the '''Enable''', '''Auto''', and '''Hide''' boxes

[http://www.dxatlas.com/CwSkimmer CW Skimmer] interoperation

  • track and set your transceiver's frequency from CW Skimmer
  • [http://home.roadrunner.com/~w3oa/SkimmerToDXKeeper click on a callsign in CW Skimmer and have that callsign conveyed to DXKeeper, DXView, PropView, Pathfinder, and WinWarbler]

  • have callsigns decoded by CW Skimmer added to SpotCollector's Spot Database

    • Configure CW Skimmer
      1. open the Settings item in CW Skimmer's View menu

      2. select the Settings window's Telnet tab

      3. set the Port to 7301

      4. check the Enable Telnet Server box

      5. click the OK button

    • configure SpotCollector: on the Configuration window's Spot Sources tab, choose an available "row" in the Telnet DXClusters panel

      1. set the Host address to

      2. set the Port to 7301

      3. set the Caption to CW Skimmer

      4. set the Username to your callsign

      5. clear the Password

      6. set the Cmd to C

      7. check the Enable, Auto, and Hide boxes

[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dxlab/post Post a question or suggestion on the DXLab reflector]

[:GettingStarted:Getting Started with DXLab]


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