Capture Window

  1. the following modified and new items are now present on the Capture window

    1. tx frequency (previously labeled frequency

    2. rx frequecy

    3. Primary Administrative Subsystem (previously labeled state or province)

    4. Secondary Administrative Subdivision (previously labeled county

    5. region (if logging a QSO with a station that might be in the ITU Vienna International Center, the Shetland Islands, African Italy, Sicily, Bear Island, or European Turkey)

    6. DOK (if logging a QSO with a station in Germany)

    7. use bureau box

    8. LotW member box

    9. member box

    10. az (antenna azimuth)

    11. path (antenna path)

    12. eight User items

  2. the Capture window can be vertically resized, from very short

to very tall

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